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A brand new comedy show for Brighton Fringe 2019 with Jane Postlethwaite and Steph Bradshaw who are HAUNTED - A sketch comedy duo.

15 - 18 May at 9.30pm at the Kennel at Junkyard Dogs at the Brighthelm Centre, Brighton.

Steph is a fledgling stand up comedian and actor who has starred in numerous musical theatre productions in the North West. She was recently the lead role in The Addams Family Musical.

Jane and Steph have co-hosted the Miraculous Cumbria comedy podcast since June 2018 and have been heard on BBC Radio Cumbria when they co-hosted the Friday Showcase show.

They’re now excited to be bringing their wonderfully dark, daft, surreal humour to the Brighton Fringe with this new show. The show is set in a haunted theatre with themes of the paranormal, feminism, space travel, magic, stand up comedy and the really mundane.

Expect to leave less dead inside.