The first blog post

Hello! If you're here reading this congratulations! It's the first post of my new website blog. How you doing? Good I hope. It's nearly 2018 and I'm planning what's next. There are lots of projects happening such as my Character Building comedy podcast, my new fringe show and some new workshops across the country.

First though, I need to get through Christmas. Not a fan. To celebrate this tedious time I have promised myself a week away from Facebook. I've deleted the app off my phone. It's day 1 and I already this is the best decision of 2017. You should try it.

I'm currently getting ready to hibernate all through January and knuckle down to some writing of my new show, 'Last night at the Circus'. It's something a bit different for me as I'm putting some of my own life up front and personal. Usually I mask the dark stuff with a character, but this new show I've decided there's some things I need to talk about. It will still be hilarious while also being raw and often gut wrenching.

Tickets are currently on sale! Weird having tickets being sold for something that is not complete, but that's what we are up against as artists and writers. You have to jump off the cliff and make your wings on the way down.

I've been doing this for a couple of years so I know it will work out in the end. (I remind myself while my heart thumps away with waves of anxiety).

I need to be brave and do the hard work.

Fancy also being brave and buying a ticket for Brighton Fringe in May? You do? Great. You can purchase here:

I hope your Christmas is something worthwhile and loving rather then stressful and deeply upsetting. See you in 2018 and thanks for reading blog post numero uno.